20. September 2022
True Purpose Coaching in Business
My 7 step Formula supports leaders in business to establish successful team work. I support leaders to find out strategies and methods to connect more successfully with their employees. They regain their fire and their personal power in order to integrate these qualities into the team. success.
05. April 2018
This article explains the fascinating journey for conscious couples to live a fulfilled relationship. The 5 step Formula for deep dive connection - playful and mindful communication is explained by Peter and Barbara, clients of mine,
01. April 2018
5 enjoyable and efficient tools for conscious men to avoid burnout and depression. The 5 steps success Formula to regain your fire and empowerment is given. A client reports the results he experienced.
22. März 2018
This article explains how you can assess your social health, how you can apply an action plan to enforce your social capabilities, and how to meditate on the improvement on your social skills.
15. März 2018
Here you will find an action plan for your "inner spirituality coach" to increase the degree of spirituality in your daily life. Spirituality becomes a natural part of your work and of your relationship.
08. März 2018
The main keys to remain mind health are described. Follow your inner mind coach, reflecting, how thoughts influence our reality and health, how powerful habits and thought forms do change our daily life and communication, and how to transform negative thinking?
01. März 2018
How can you integrate soul massage and soul work into your daily life routine? What score reaches your current soul energy level? What assessments support you in soul transformation and building up compassion?
22. Februar 2018
Regular body work increases the energy and health of our body. Preventive medical checks support our health. Our inner energy coach opens up for intuition and conscious listening to the signals of our body.
13. Februar 2018
This blog article is the first of 5 articles that offers tools for self-help to avoid depression and burnout. The focus is on mindfulness, resilience, and self-management. The reader is invited to develop his individual strategies to stabilize and improve his/her own physical, emotional and mental health.
26. Januar 2018
In diesem Artikel wird den folgenden Fragen nachgegangen: Wozu ist Intuition bei meiner täglichen Meditation hilfreich. Wie vertiefe ich meine intuitiven Fähigkeiten. Welche rolle spielt das Gebet in der Meditation?