Joyful spirituality against burnout and depression

How to assess the degree of spirituality against burnout and Depression

After having defined and outlined  my abilities, possibilities and limitations in regard to my body, soul and mind set, I will now focus on the spiritual level of my being. The following questions of my inner spiritual coach, the so called "Jesus inside myself", or "buddha inside myself" will lead me closer to the essence of my spirituality:


·      Do I  accomplish what I'm doing in an awake, attentive and mindful state of consciousness?

·      Do I take myself completely the way I am, and do I love myself as I am, as a spark of the Devine,  as a child of the creation power of divine unity?

·      Do I follow the words of Jesus: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"?

·      Do I follow Buddha's recommendation: "The key is not in heaven, but instead in our own hearts."

·      Do I  recognize the divine inside myself, as the Jesus, the Buddha, who has always lived inside myself?

·      Do I  realize, that the Creation force of all there is, created me as part of the Devine and as the expression of the Devine through myself, in its wholeness and perfection, in its peace and joy, in its love and beauty? 


·      Do I ask sincerely for help and support, so that I can find and fulfill my calling, my divine timing, and the related vocation and vision in my present life?

·      Did I outline, with the help of the Creation force of all there is, my calling, my divine timing, and the related targets, I want to reach?

·      Do I follow my major goals and new habits through daily meditation and prayer?

·      Do I recognize the obstacles on my spiritual path as hidden solutions and do I take the stones and rocks, that are in my way, to rebuild a beautiful new house, in correspondence with my calling and divine timing? 

·      Am I able to practice patience, inner peace, and trust inside myself supported by the creation force of all there is, to achieve my goals, my calling, my Devine timing and my vision?

To-do list for integrating spirituality into my daily life

When I have finished analyzing my spiritual abilities,  possibilities and restrictions I then focus on the next step, on developing a very specific action plan  for the further increase of my spiritual power.  My inner spiritual coach gives me these following specific proposals for actions in regard to health-promoting spirituality in my daily life:


·      I connect through conscious breathing, breathing in and breathing out, with the power of the creation force, and with my inner spiritual coach, the Jesus inside myself, the Buddha in me, and I take full responsibility for my thoughts, my feelings and actions.

·      As the boss of my organ systems and my emotions I stay in an awake and attentive state of consciousness that connects me completely with the present moment.


·      The first law of spirituality states: "The person I meet in each moment, is the right person to meet." That is to say that no one comes into our lives by coincidence. All persons who surround us, and who talk with us, stand for something: either to teach us something or give us insight into our individual situation.


·      The second law states: "What ever happens is the only thing that can happen."  Nothing, absolutely nothing of what happened to us, could have been different, not even the most insignificant details. There is simply no need to think:  "if I would have done it differently ... then it would have turned out differently. " Whatever happens is the only thing that can happen. Everything that happens gives us the chance to learn our lesson, to proceed in life.  And we repeat everything until we have learned our lesson from that experience.  All, situations in life that occur to us are absolutely perfect, even if our thoughts and our Ego try to resist, and try tp refuse to accept the things as they are. 


·      The third law states: "Every moment in which something begins is the right moment".  It all starts in the right moment,  it cannot be too early or too late. It is always the right moment, the right person, the right time. When we are ready, that something new may start in our lives, it is already there, so that we easily can begin the New.  


·      The fourth law states: "What ever is over, that truly is over." It is that simple, if something ends in our lives, it serves our development. That's why it is often much better to let go and to move forward, blessed by the experience gained before.


·      I am convinced that the fact you are reading this text now is not a coincidence. When this text comes to you today, it is because you fulfill all the necessary requirements and that you may understand that not a single snowflake falls anywhere in the world down to the earth by coincidence or by mistake.  Laotse said: "The soft water in motion conquers even the hardest rock - please remind: hardness & hardship succumb to softness."  Be good to yourself,  love yourself with All you are, start to live consciously in each single moment.

·      Stop to evaluate yourself and others, stop to condemn yourself and others, and start to use the energy of your negative emotions of envy, greed, anger, resentment, hatred, self-rejection, rejection of others, regret, or jealousy in favor of yourself.  Start to observe and then dissolve carefully these negative feelings and ask for the transformation into new positive emotional qualities.  These new positive feelings will serve you and they will be to the benefit of all human beings.

·      To the extent I learn to free myself from all those self created burdens, vices and other self-created suffering patterns, I will learn step by step to love and appreciate my life as it is.

·      In this newly created void inside myself, there exists new light, new love and new life, and there is new space for the development of my  own divine primordial creative power.


My To Do List:

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Meditation on Silence as a tool against burnout and depression

"Divine Silence"


To the divine silence of unattainable infinity

To the divine silence of perfect knowledge

To the divine silence of the soundless voice

To the divine silence of the innermost core of life

To the divine silence of primordial spirit

To the divine silence of the unborn guide

To the divine silence of the invisible guide,

            protecting all lives 

To the divine silence of those with perfect knowledge

To the divine silence of human incarnation

To the divine silence of the guide to spirituality,

            who sacrifices his own liberation for those

            who have not yet awakened to the truth

To the divine silence to overcome death,

To the divine silence of All Being before Being ever existed 

To the divine silence of maximum sized sacrifices 

Divine silence:   we offer respect, love and hope to you

Divine silence:   above all we offer our gratitude.


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