Mindfulness as a tool against depression and burnout

Influence of mindfulness and self-management on the prevention of depression and burnout


The inner mindfulness coach, referred to below as "Soul Doctor" or "Soul Coach", lives in every human being, thus also in you. It reveals you ways to self-healing and forgiveness, and enables you to take control over your life, so that you take your life into your own hands, and to make you independent of other people's opinion or other external circumstances. When this mindfulness coach has been awakened in you, he initiates your process of detachment from external constraints. You learn to distinguish yourself better, and he supports you going to consciously listen to your true motives, and on what really matters for you to have the courage to open up for the message of your heart. It helps you to develop specific self-management skills and to apply those successfully. 


Self-management describes your ability to cope with difficult situations and crises in your own life. This is circumscribed by the term resilience. With this ability of self-control, you can achieve the goals and visions given at any moment in your life and enables you to consciously follow and achieve them.  Mindful and authentic you learn to live your own  talents, abilities, strengths, emotions, thoughts, needs and desires regarding the best completion. The mindfulness coach in yourself thus creates your very individual, own, new reality so that you can lead a healthy and happy life.

Research on mindfulness to prevent depression and burnout

As part of your "inner work" programs and primaries that you used in the past can now be replaced by new programs and activities.  To live the skill of mindfulness in everyday life more efficiently,  you need to be open up for honestly answering the following questions:


· Do I know my own strengths and preferences?

· Do I know my qualities, my features and my needs?

· Do I know my dark side, my weaknesses and my blind spots?

· Do I perceive signals and the call for help inside myself, when there is danger, do I listen to my own body signals, my pain, do I to     recognize the benefit or advantage of being sensitive, and to derive the necessary action steps?

· Do I hear the call of my body, my soul, my thoughts for help, and how do I interpret these calls for help, and what action steps do I drive from that?

· Am I happy with the response to alarms and and fear of my soul?

· How much presence and vigilance am I able to apply? Am I able to distinguish positive from negative emotions and thoughts, am I able to protect myself against external interference?

· How aware am I in managing calmness in periods of stress and pressure?



· Do I successfully perceive my body, my feelings, my thoughts, my spirituality, my social environment, the geobiological environmental influences as well as the bardo world so that I can stay happy and healthy?

· Do I have the ability and the courage to correct my course of live,  if I failed in perception, and am I able to face this disappointment, realizing that state as the end of a deception and dissolving process?

· Have I learned to accept myself and love myself as I am, without devaluing myself, and without rejecting or condemning myself?

· Do I succeed in making me independent of the opinion of the family members and fellow men in the private and professional life without having to copy their programs and beliefs?

· Have I learned to accept success and failure as a natural sequence of life stages, without having to identify myself with it, and  without having to judge them as good or bad?

· Am I able to courageous defend myself against negative influences and psychic attacks from other people?

· Did I train my sensory perception adequately, so that I can detect and solve sickening electrical-, or electromagnetic radiation and health impairing interference in bedrooms, living room.  Am I able to take the necessary steps to get rid of those energies?



Mindfulness for actual state analysis and to-do list, to prevent depression and burnout


In the following 5 blog articles you'll find answers to the above mentioned questions and you'll get a handy guide of activities, a TO DO LIST.  It is up to you, how to add activities for your sanity and health, which you choose yourself.  Your inner mindfulness coach will accompany you on your journey. Focussing on your health from a holistic point of view,  you may change your behavior on the following levels of  your being: the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level, the spiritual level, the social level, the intermediate level worlds, and the geobiological level.



At each level you first pursue an actual state analysis. The more authenticity and honesty you apply in answering the questions, the more successful you will be in the ensuing self-healing process. The actual state analysis gives you information on your current physical status, in terms of diseases, deficiencies, weaknesses, failures,  but also in terms of skills, qualities and strengths. 


In each subsequent TO DO list you derive and develop your own specific and implementable options for action, comparable to a target plan for action. You get to know ways how you can manage your own health, how you may take responsibility for your own health.  You may experience that goals or targets move towards you, instead of you moving towards them. Listen to your inner mindfulness coach and listen to his needs. Ask for the gift of being the creator of your health, and reveal the courage to become the designer of your own new reality of your life.

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