Intuitive Coaching for conscious men

5 Step formula for conscious men to avoid burnout and depression.

A client, Hans, reports:


1. Step

I had lost myself when I met Werner. I did not allow myself any weakness, any anger, any fury. Life was an expression of blaming myself and others, filled up with fear of being hit, when I made a mistake. I did not trust myself, nor anybody else and I ended up controlling everything. Then I discovered Werner`s method to increase clarity, connection and mindfulness for myself. I opened up for the release of old unconscious belief-forms, old blaming, greed, fury, jealousy, rage, dominance and perfectionism. I decided: “enough is enough - I do not want those old programs anymore”.


2. Step

I discovered with the guidance and the professional support of Werner how I could reconnect to the self-healing capacity deep inside myself, the Buddha inside myself, and I started to replace old programs. I began to make powerful decisions to create a life by design for the next phase of my life, being a conscious man.


3. Step

By giving up old belief-patterns, I was able to reconnect with my inner strengths, with my clarity deep inside myself, with that calmness inside my heart, that new-born self-confidence, self-esteem and joy in my live.


4. Step

I recognized with this professional support more and more obstacles and blockages of my old mind-set. Now I had the power, to replace all what I did not want in my life anymore by the desired new reality, which I created by design for the next phase in my life.


5. Step

Living these new self-created habits in my daily life, I felt very deeply the reconnection to my male power again. For the first time in my life I felt whole again, I felt the integration of my male and female aspects. Life became enjoyable and efficient with these new habits. With my increased self-competence, I was from now on able to play the role of the father, the partner and the leader in business at ease and with love and gratitude.

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