Real purpose counseling for conscious couples

Deep dive connection

5 Steps of playful and mindful communication for  couples


1. Step

We found ourselves more and more disconnected in our relationship when we discovered Werner`s method to increase clarity, connection and mindfulness’s for couples. We opened up for the release of old unconscious belief-forms and program like possessiveness, blaming each other, greed, jealousy, dominance, perfectionism. Then we decided: “enough is enough”. We do not want those old programs anymore.


2. Step

We discovered with the guidance and the professional support of Werner how we can discover the mindful Buddha inside ourselves to replace these old programs and to make powerful decisions to create a life by design for the next phase of the life as a couple


3. Step

By giving up old patterns we experienced that we easily could develop new forms of playful, and conscious communication, In our relationship, and also in our sexuality.


4. Step

By giving up these old own programs, as well as the old programs we took over from our ancestors, we became ready and created our new life by design to live a fulfilled partnership


5. Step

Living the new life with our new habits we became able to live a fulfilled partnership again and started a more conscious joyful and rejuvenated relationship since then. We became confident in the dance between closeness and distance, in the dance between dominance and submission. We reinvented our love again.

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