Body work and body energy against burnout and depression

How to assess body health to avoid depression and burnout

Regular body work increases the energy and health of your body. Preventive medical checks support your health. your inner energy coach opens up our senses for intuition and conscious listening to the signals of your body.  


The following body assessment tool enables you, to reflect and renew your own body shape profile.  You focus on your body energy level, in regard to quality, quantity, resilience, and resistancy.   A regular checkup at a doctors place of conventional or natural medicine helps you to find out additional information on your current body energy and physical health status. At the same time you should train your intuition, and listen to your inner energy coach,  how to improve and how to stabilize your physical health level. 


You ask your inner energy coach, what qualities and skills are needed, as well as what diseases, disorders, deficiencies and imbalances are currently  sickening your body  in regard to the following organs, parameters and qualities:


·      Central and peripheral neuro-muscular coordination, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, internal and external organ functions, endurance capacity, cardiovascular trainingslevel, ability to maintain balance, agility, walking safety, cold, inflammation, lack of energy, fatigue, alzheimer, disease, multiple sclerosis, carcinoma, myoma, cystes, dementia, diabetes, poisoning by heavy metal, general disorders, deficiencies, weakness, status of PH value, minerals status vitamin status, hormones status, metals in the body, glands functioning, bone, cartilage, tendons, muscles, blood, spine, energy blockages of the meridians , status of bacteria, viruses, worms, parasites and fungi, DNA status, sexual dysfunctioning, interrupted energy flow in head, neck,  breast, solar plexus, pelvic area, general dental status, influence of implants.

How to be aware of your body energy coach

In order to feel the energy flow throughout your body, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself, whether you trust your physical abilities, whether you pay attention to the body's pain signals, whether you feel your body and soul in balance, whether you feel your body and mind in balance, whether you are present in each moment inside your body, whether you breathe consciously, whether you accept your body in his present shape and state. 


Start to be willing to follow the specific suggestions of your inner energy coach and develop an individual, personal action plan for increasing your physical health on a day by day basis:


  • Make sure, that you pay attention to the quality of the selected activities, not to the quantity. Change the belief: The more the better" into: " the less and at the same time the more conscious, the better".
  • Reach twice a week a heart rate of 120-130 beats per minute in preferable aerobic exercise like swimming, cycling, aerobics, jogging over a period of 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week.
  • Perform your daily exercise program and work through all muscle parts in form of yoga, taiqui or calisthenics. 
  • Perform a daily walk increasing slowly the number of steps without pushing yourself and without comparing yourself with others. 
  • Select deliberately one suitable body work for each day, which feels good for you.
  • Pay attention to perceived pain signals and do not cross over the pain threshold and take care of your body as a gift from the creating force of all there is. 
  • Be curious to explore your different body skills, and be thankful for each movement that you can perform with your body.
  • Appreciate the functioning of your organs, your body parts, take care of your body, since you received the body as a gift from the creation force of all there is
  • start loving your body as it is, without condition, without competing with other bodies.
  • Accept the blueprint of the creation force as your birthright, being incarnated in this unique human body.
  • Say "yes" to your body, say "yes" to your physical beauty and uniqueness as a result of the creation force.
  • Start each day in front of the mirror and tell yourself: "My wonderful body, I love you".

How to use body meditation against burnout and depression

I meditate on the following words:


"Dear body, I look at you and I love you, you are perfect the way you are. You are great, the expression of the divine. I am happy to be in you as a human being. I ask for forgiveness for everything I have done against this body in this life and in all previous lives . Forgive me, then we both will be free. You will be healthy up to the last hour of my life. Today is a good and beautiful day, I manage everything easily with my body. I breathe in only to breathe out. Dear creation force of all there is, I thank you for my beautiful and healthy body. I love my body as it is, as an expression of the unconditional love. Thank you."


What I want to do with my body on a daily basis:

date to begin 

Type of activity

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