A conscious mind set in communication against depression and burnout

How to assess your mind health to avoid depression and burnout


The main keys to remain or regain mind health are described. How do thoughts influence our reality? How powerful do habits and thought forms change our daily life and communication? How can we transform negative thinking? According to the body and soul qualities your inner energy  coach supports you in finding your positive mind qualities, as well as the unnecessary thought-forms and habits that lead to diseases. Find answers to the following questions :


·      What are my previous prevailing thought patterns, and the associated programs and what are your old coping mechanisms?

·      What thought programs and thought concepts have you used successfully, which led to failure?

·      Which of your thought programs stabilize your health?

·      Which of your thought concepts inhibit you to be healthy?

·      Ask yourself critically: Do you frequently align your individual thinking and belief-forms to what is expected from you, or are you yourself the designer and creator of your own reality?


·       Up to what degree are you aware of your personal assumptions, beliefs and "impellers" about yourself and about other people?

·      How strong are your beliefs, assumptions, thought programs and "impellers" useful to strengthen your individual mind health? 

·      How clearly reflect your thoughts your inner attitude of self-healing?

·       Are your thoughts and your emotions congruent, and ultimately are your thoughts with  actions congruent?

·      Up to what degree do your thought forms and beliefs influence your values and how affect your values your health?

·      Do you experience your own mind health design as appropriate. 

·      Do you experience your life as meaningful or do you want to make major changes? What changes do you want to make? 

·      Are you yourself conscious  about the question "Who am I?" and "What is the purpose of my life?"

How to become your own mind energy coach

If you know your qualities and restrictions of your mind set, you will now develop an action plan to create new thought forms and concepts. You will experience the use of wakeup calls, the  replacement of sickening negative thoughts, the termination of judging your thoughts and the leadership role of your mind coach in controlling your own thoughts. Your inner mind coach gives specific proposals for actions in your everyday life.


·      I use recurring negative thoughts as wake-up calls to train my presence for each moment, and for deciding consciously for the new positive thoughts.

·      I treat every thought that is causing a negative emotion inside myself like a wake up call, that reminds me and makes me ready for a new direction.  The wakeup call becomes also  a new beginning.

·      I consciously replace all sickening and debilitating thoughts by its antithesis, and I feel the positive emotions associated with these new creative pleasant thoughts.

·      I observe all thoughts that weaken me, without prejudice and without evaluating them, I let them come and go, like a passing train comes and passes by.  I do not identify with the situation.  I'll stay focused without becoming dependent on old weakening behavior patterns.

·      I put myself in the perspective of the observer of myself, I leave my body shell and look at myself from above, from a different perspective,  and look at my "being".

·      I'm an observer of myself, watching myself from the outside, and I let everything be as it is without getting emotionally dependent or identified. I keep my inner peace of mind. 

·      I position myself clearly in pointing out that I am the boss of my thoughts not vice versa. My thoughts have to listen to my instructions and follow them, and I will not allow them to take over. 



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How to use mind meditation against burnout and depression

Creative mind inside myself

I only breathe for you,

stretch my mind for you,

only thinking of you

I enjoy singing of you

calling you frequently.

Oh, creative mind inside myself

Impose no disease on me

that would lead me to forget you,

and would diminish my desire for you,

and which would dry up my ecstazising, 

that I feel while singing

in praise of you.

Impose no health on me,

which would be presumptuous or ungrateful

and which would create pride in me

leaning to expand in growing.

Mercy of my creative mind,

teach me gratitude and kindness.

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