being a bridge builder

 I fortunately received the following gifts in my life:  single person awareness, empathy, kindness, focus, spirit, strategy and curiosity. Early in my education I focussed on my main interest "how to keep people healthy" as well as "reintegrating them into their daily life routine after diseases, handicaps, impairments". At the University of Illinois, USA, I worked for 3 years as a teaching and research assistant in the field of physiology. 


Being Head of different therapeutic units, practicing psychotherapy as a healing practitioner, I worked with people of all kind of diseases, impairments and handicaps. 


At the same time I exerted Leadership and Chief Executive Jobs in Business. Being Head of a Health Center, Therapeutic Head of different Rehabilitation Clinics, as mentor and life-coach over a time period of 23 years enriched my life. 


As the director of Seeklinik Brunnen Switzerland I was in charge of the transition towards a new powerful medical concept in the field of integrative medicine, to prevent burn-out diseases.. 


 In Mentoring and personal intuitive Life-Coaching I am working as a mindful executive with my clients very individually, and keep focused on their individual needs. 


I am pleased to invite all, who want to work  with me, especially those who are open for self-inquiry, attention and self awareness in order to enable a transformation in their lives, in order to feel bliss and happiness. 


Being a True Purpose Coach & being a mindful executive I focus on finding out what you were meant to be.

I love to support open minded people to get into their full strength and power, releasing old pain and patterns of addiction, violence sex abuse,  sexism and others.