Meditation, Intuition, Inspiration and prayer, what do they have in common?

What is the connection between intuition and meditation in the prevention of burnout and depression?


Negative thoughts and feelings programs avoid my access to the vivid power of intuition inside myself, but they also segregate my access to joy, ease and happiness. For this reason, it is essential for my inner energy coach to rediscover lost intuitive skills again. Intuition is increased by my willingness for changing old behavior patterns in focussing on my perception of my environment. all starts with clear and distinct observation of my own behavior and of my environment.  I basically learn how to breath in and out in a new conscious way. I observe the air flow coming into my mouth and leaving my mouth again. , without any intention from my side. I experience the breathing as a gift, that I was given together with my birth. Another pathway to train my intuition is to focus my attention and my awareness on my inner energy coach. I can meet him/her in my energy centers, called chakras. 


By focusing on these energy centers I ask my inner energy coach to open up my chakras, so that a continue energy flow throughout my body, soul and mind is guaranteed.  I open myself intuitively for the deeper message of these chakras, without judging the message, without arranging the formation of categories, like good or bad, like right or wrong. The perceptions are wrong or right,  bad or good, are just what they are, parts of my being. I accept them without judging them, without putting them into categories, I just let them be as they appear to be. n


Intuition allows me to even go beyond this state and I get the possibility and the chance to receive higher inspirations. In this way, my competence and my self-confidence can be enhanced. By practicing intuition my openness for inspiration is automatically increased. Inspiration can then be experienced as a sudden AHA experience, comparable to receiving a higher light spark, that wants to share with me the creative power of my inner energy coach, in order to be able to find and to recognize my true purpose of my life. 


So intuition enriches my life, because it helps me to find my higher purpose of life. This small booklet provides you with the knowledge and the skills, you need to develop intuition in order to find out, what the true purpose of your life is, what your individual calling is all about,  what your specific soul plan is aiming for, what your destiny is telling you. Intuition enables you to accept and love yourself as you are without judgement and without the need to fulfill other people's expectations.  Your inner energy coach teaches you how to develop self trust, self-confidence, self consciousness, self-esteem and ultimately it supports you to create your new reality, and your new desired habits in your life. 

How do I practice meditation & intuition to avoid burnout & depression


In meditation I focus the power of my consciousness on my heart center, and I ask my inner energy coach to teach me, how I can become One with the creative power within myself,  in order to recognize shadow programs inside myself in order to replace those with rightful feelings and programs. I focus on my breathing, the air breathing in and breathing out, without any intention, it just happens automatically. My abdomen and my thorax raising and lowering rhythmically. I focus on my breathing, observing the air flowing in and out. I focus all my consciousness on my 7 chakras, root-, sacral-, solar plexus-, heart-, throat-, third eye-, crown chakra. I ask my inner energy coach to open and close these chakras deliberately.  So the energy flows freely without being blocked.


Subsequently, I ask for the awareness, to lift up unconscious belief forms of my past into my consciousness, so that I can relate what happens todays, with the past, where programs were initiated in my life, or in the lives of my ancestors. So, intuitively, I become One with my unconsciousness, with the forgotten blockages, traumata, negative belief-forms. Since the unconscious parts of myself cover round about 88% of my whole consciousness, practicing intuition will increase my ability to find and to replace programs in my life, that I do not want to have anymore. If I train my intuitive capability it helps me to be more safe, more successful more joyful in my daily life in regard to work or relationship, in regard to being authentic, kind courageous and grateful.


Intuition opens up the gates for heart messages of my inner energy coach,  my inner voice, my inner soul doctor, the Christ in me, the Buddha in me, as an expression of the highest purpose in me. Intuition helps me to realize my calling, to fulfill my life plan, to meet, to recognize and to comply to the true purpose of my life.

How do I combine meditation and prayer to avoid burnout and depression?


Intuition and inspiration reach fulfillment in prayer, in focusing on the higher purpose of  life. Prayer reflects my inner speaking from my heart, where my inner energy coach resides.  In prayer I am in dialogue with the Oneness inside myself, with the Christ inside myself,  with the Buddha inside myself,  speaking the words with all my love, without condition, asking for the creative power of all there is, which is the source of all being. Prayer I can practice even on places where there is great noise. In praying I focus on my inside, leading this inner dialogue with my inner energy coach, practicing inner silence. Prayer is independent of any religion, and as old as mankind. In prayer I connect to the All-love and I'm looking for the true knowledge and purpose, in gratefulness, for the benefit of all beings, thought-forms, feelings, words or deeds without any judgement.


My inner energy coach teaches me the traditional chalice prayer:



"All-love, creativity of All there Is, primordial inner energy coach, 

to you I lift up my whole being, a vessel emptied of my Ego,

Take this my emptiness and fill it up with You,

With Your light, your love, your life,

that these Your precious gifts

reach out for the hearts

of all those,

that I meet today

let me transfer Your beauty,

Your joy and wholeness to them,

so that nothing destroys the serenity of Your peace,

I give to You my gratitude, All-love, creative power of All there Is,

I give to You my kindness, primordial inner energy coach, source of all being "

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