Social health against burnout and depression

How to assess social health against burnout and depression?

After I have found clarity about my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities  I want to now focus on my social  health. This includes all factors that influence my well being in social settings.  My inner  social coach asks the following questions, in order to illuminate dark spots in this area. 


·      Am I aware that I always communicate with my environment, regardless of where I am?

·      Do I recognize that each wing beat of a butterfly has an impact on the global climate?

·      Am I aware of the fact, that humans cannot "not communicate"?

·      Do I understand the importance, that each thought, each  word,  each feeling, each action that I run, has an impact on the welfare of the entire community of all people?

·      Can I feel that all people not only breathe the same air, but also are energetically connected to each other the breath?

·      How am I aware reflecting my role in the social community? 

·      Did I make sure, that I will have social support in difficult times helping me?

·      Do I know enough people who support me in times of crisis, and can help me to overcome obstacles? 

·      Do I realize, that caring for myself also helps to support other people to overcome crises and obstacles?


·      Am I willing to equally give and take, so that there is a balance in my life?

·      Do I know how I can protect me from negative attacks from other people against me?

·      How profound is my ability, regardless of doctors, therapists, and other people, to take  responsibly for my own health and consolidate future health?

·      To what extent am I really the boss of my own body when I am in communion with other people? 

·      How do I maintain contact with my own "inner social coach", the Christ, the Buddha inside myself?

·      How frequently do I look for external help, just to avoid taking responsibility for myself?

·      How much do I like my  "poor me". falling back into the victim's role, to get the attention and recognition of others, and to avoid taking control of my own situation?

·      How often do I blame others in order to distract and hide myself behind them, and how frequently do I take full responsibility for my actions? 


How to become your own social energy coach?

I will focus now on my action plan for the further development and perfection of my social skills. This includes concrete proposals for action for my future health-promoting social behavior in everyday life.


·      I treat all people and living creatures as I would like to be treated by them.

·      I appreciate myself once a day by making myself a present. 

·      I am doing every day a good deed to another person without expecting anything in return.

·      I avoid contact with people that send out negative energy towards me. In stead I look for people who act in favor of me. 

·      I separate myself from people trying to detach myself from the divine energy flow.

·      I immerse and enjoy the contact and exchange with my spirit.

·      I live my life in balance between professional work and personal relationships.

·      I seek conscious friends, for which I can be there when they need me, and who can be there for me when I need them, and with whom i can communicate i  a more mindful and respectful way.

·      I speak to people directly and openly, without talking about them behind their back, without wishing evil about them.

·      I use a respectful culture of dialogue, humorous communication, which is respectful, authentic and appreciative, without assigning blame on others and without interpretation and judging their behavior.


My To Do List:

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How to use social meditation to avoid burnout and depression?

·       Focus your consciousness on your heart region.  Dive deep into your lower body, through your feet into mother earth and connect with mother earth deeply. Take all the power of mother earth and rise up with that power, through your body and visualize, how you expand further and further.


      Visualize, that you expand your consciousness further and further. You become one with the chair your are sitting on, and you expand further. You become one with the room you are in, with the house you live in, with the village, with the nearest city, with the country you live in. And you expand more and more. You become one with all other nations and cultures. You become one with the whole world, with whole universe and you expand further and further.


       Till you become one with the light behind all lights, where you find love without condition, where you find social communion without blaming, judging or competing. Imagine that all your social skills are immediately enriched by this wonderful light. You become one with this light and you go back to your body and bring this light to each cell of your body, enlightening each cell, empowering each body part, embodying all the wanted social skills in each of your cells.


       Imagine now the light filling up all dark spots insight and outside your body.  Dive deep with that light into each body cell and enjoy your well being. Then go again back through your feet into mother earth, ground yourself there,  and come back with all your consciousness into your heart. Open up your eyes and see your new created world with the eyes of your heart. 

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