client Informed consent form

informed consent & client data EN.pdf
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I was informed and I give my informed consent to the following:


  • I am not a patient but a client
  • There will be given no diagnoses, no therapy and no treatments in the medical sense
  • There isn't applied a healing method in the sense of the common law
  • I know that the mentor has no medical knowledge and abilities
  • The impression that the session would be medical treatment is not given
  • The session cannot replace a medical treatment. The mentor has made clear, that  this method complements the regular medicine but does not replace it
  • Therefore there is no need to interrupt, postpone, delay or finish ongoing medical treatment 
  • I fully agree with this informed consent and I take my own responsibility for that
  • There are no promises given in regard to healing 
  • It is exclusively my responsibility to continue with this treatment or to stop it
  • I am conscious about the fact, that in the early phase after treatment there might occur a first worsening