True Purpose Coaching in Business

7 Step Formula for leaders in business to develop successful teamwork

 Bill, CEO and MEO (Mindful Executive Officer) in business, client of mine reports:


1. Step

We found ourselves more and more disconnected in our team. Everybody was focused on himself and his specific area of interest. There was no communication between the single parts of the company. Then we discovered Werner’s 7 step method to increase team success. We all together started to look more consciously at our violent communication culture. We opened up for the release of old unconscious programs, like blaming each other, hiding because of jealousy, dominance because of EGO attachment, perfectionism in favour to one’s own success only. Then we decided: “enough is enough”. We do not want those old concepts anymore. We do want to build up new trust.


2. Step

We discovered with the guidance and the professional support of Werner how we can discover hidden conflicts and openly talk about the possible solution to the benefit of all team members. We focused our attention on the conscious awareness in the NOW, solving acute questions and facing the problems without blaming each other.             


3. Step

We started engaging in the new defined processes and could develop more self-competence of each of us and at the same time as the whole team, to become able to make powerful team decisions to create a life by design for the next team success phase


4. Step

By giving up old patterns we experienced that we easily could develop new forms of playful, and mindful communication in our team.


5. Step

Each of us began to take more responsibility for himself and for the team process. Team approach in leadership was not reduced to small company units anymore but was opened up for the success of all team members in the whole company.


6. Step

We recognized with this professional support more and more obstacles and blockages of our “old” team-mind-set. Now we had the personal and team power, to replace all these EGO-centred approaches of the past by the desired new team-oriented processes, which we created by design for the next phase our team work.


7. Step

Living the new team spirit with our new habits as conscious team players, we became now able to live a successful teamwork. We started a more joyful and rejuvenated teamwork approach since then. We became competent in dancing with all our individual strengths and simultaneously with all our team power, with all our individual power and simultaneously with all the necessary adjustments, a team always needs.


Our new Audio logo today sounds as followed:

In the future we do not just focus on ROI (Return On Invest),

but also on: “Invest in what really matters!” 

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