Mentor for men and couples

Intuitive Coaching with Werner Streicher                                         5 enjoyable and efficient tools against burnout and depression


 Do you want to rediscover your hidden ressources and get rid of old programs?

 This Intuitive Coaching enables you, to solve negative, shadow programs and thoughts and to replace them by lightful feelings.

You will learn to recreate your environment and your personal way of life. Unfortunately hidden and unsolved old programs cut us up from joy and happines in life.  Here you learn to handle specific tools of self management in order to stabilize your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. You celebrate your new self-confidence, your new reality and combined with that your new habits. Manifest your vision now. 


1.  Step: Give up old programs and dissolve old blockages from:

               Ego, parents, brothers and sisters, partner, kids, grandparents, friends, collegues, society ...........

2.  Step: Give up conflicts, failure, suspicion; Begin with well being, health, self acceptance, success:      

                   Caring for: state of facts, thoughts, feelings, needs, requests ...... 

                   Detachment from:  the past, mistakes, old useless relationships........

3.  Step:  Begin with comprehension, self efficacy, self confidence, self trust, self love:

                   Caring for: clarity, self empowerment, success....

                   Detachment from: boundaries, delay, perfectionism...

4.  Step:  Start your new reality with self realisation, manageability, meaningfulness, passion, enjoyment

               Caring for: forgiveness, focussing, mindfulness, release........

                   Detachment from: pressure, jealousy, competition, addiction

5.  Step:  Manifest your new habits and begin your New Life:

               Caring for: leaving your comfort zone, creating new life contents, using the free choice of will






Deep dive into fulfilled partnership - systemic coaching for conscious couples


The work deals with the following topics: 


relationship crises or frustration caused by infertility, unsolved family issues, the transition from being a couple to being parents, the fear of losing the partner and cheating on one another.  The work enables the couple to find solutions in conflicts, caused by mutual injuries, as well as verbal, physical, emotional or sexual transgressions. The work helps the couple to develop coping strategies in regard to separation thoughts, jealousy, infidelity, loss of confidence. and loss of trust.


1. Giving up old impellers and belief-forms

            Giving up possessiveness, greed, jealousy, dominance, perfectionism

            Inviting self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-respect, self-love


2. Giving up old programs of ancestors' relationships

            Giving up striving for power, sex addiction, sexual abuse

            Inviting demarcation, exchange of the soul parts, forgiveness


3. Giving up old patterns from own experiences in former relationships

            Giving up "I must do" impellers experienced as immediate gratification

            Invite playful, mindful cooperation and awareness in Partnership


4. Discover and learn new lightful behavior patterns in relationship 

            Giving up old traumata through transformation work

            Create new  trust in stead of affairs 


5. Manifest a new "trust culture" in your relationship by giving up old redundant behavior patterns  

            Practicing the dance between closeness and distance, between executing power and being adapted 






Intuitive Healing for men and couples


 Single Session

(50 minutes):

  • dissolving negative energies
  • core belief work
  • goal oriented work
  • problem focussed work


Single Session

(20 minutes):

  • get to know the method reframing

Coaching for Leaders in Business


10 steps to live your vision

(10x2 hours):

  • draw my favorite picture
  • old belief forms
  • meet my needs
  • new belief forms
  • discover yourself
  • love yourself
  • enjoy yourself
  • take the lead on yourself
  • be creative in chaos
  • live your vision

Coaching for Leaders in Business


7 movements of success in teams (7x3hours): 

  • replace old belief forms
  • live in the NOW
  • being self-competent
  • teamwork & leadership
  • enrichment by sharing
  • empowerment & strength
  • vision & manifestation 

Instead of: Return on Invest  

Invest in what you are meant to be 


What makes these offers special?


The clients  search for core belief forms, so called primaries, which might have caused disharmony and which might have cut off him/her from the joy of life. I mindfully guide the clients to find new paths of harmony in their lives. To get there I use intuitive techniques, that enable them to become open for hidden most likely unconscious belief forms. In addition to this individual approach I also offer energetic cleaning methods to dissolve negative energies and occupations from their daily working and living environment.  The  focus on being conscious helps them to observe the process of their own development and transformation.  With the support of the clients we will find new sense-oriented and harmonizing belief forms, which replace the old ones and lead the persons to a self determined and balanced actions and behavior in their lives.