Soul energy and awareness against burnout and depression

How to assess your soul health to avoid burnout and depression

Similar to the history of your body health, you may now ask for your current emotional or soul health status.  Additionally you exhibit the qualities, strengths and advantages, as well as the weaknesses, defects and disorders in regard to your soul health. Your inner energy coach supports you and asks you the following questions:


·       Do you know your soul qualities, strengths and advantages?

·      Do you live your soul qualities and strengths?

·      Do you consciously sense the signals your body sends to you, and do you experience the out coming feelings and emotions as congruent? 

·      Are you able to reflect critically whether you can accept your feelings, or do you cut off or displace your feelings and emotions, or are you ashamed of your feelings and emotions or are you courageously facing your feelings and emotions directly? 

·      Are you able to explore your feelings accurately and are you able to recognize the needs behind your feelings that remained unsatisfied?

·      Can you use the energy of negative feelings and emotions, and transform that energy into positive qualities you need in your daily life routines? 

·      Do you know the influence of negative feelings and emotions on future scenarios? 

·      Can you manage the influence of your feelings and emotions on your confidence, self-confidence and self-esteem?

How to become your own soul energy coach?

If you experience constraints and difficulties in your soul, expressed as emotional dtysfunctioning, you also need an action plan with precise proposals of your inner soul coach, in order to stabilize your daily life and emotional state of being.  The steps in this process include taking care of one's own soul health, taking responsibility for one's own emotions, finding a healthy ratio between stress and timeout, keeping the pain limit without exceeding the threshold, stop judging about your own feelings and emotions and become independent from the expectations of other people's opinions. Finally accept your own feelings and emotions without the need of disguising, hiding or suppressing them. Your inner soul energy coach teaches you the following:


·      I assume deliberately self-responsibility for my well-being and for the production and preservation of my emotional and soul health.

·      I decide consciously for taking a brake in stressful situations early enough,  allowing sufficient time to recover myself. 

·      I stop exceeding my emotional limits before surpassing the threshold.

·      I reduce my own judgments and convictions about my own feelings. 

·      I consciously observe the expectations of other people, without having to meet these expectations at all costs.

·      I open myself up to my feelings, look at my feelings, accept them as a gift of the creation force of all that is.

·      At the same time I find solutions how to dissolve and give up unhealthy feelings and emotions by transforming them into a positive energy., or into unconditional love or light. 


·      I protect myself against emotional abuse of other people in my soul and in my emotional field. I am clear and distinct in setting up boundaries.

·      I cut off the disturbing and negative emotional energies coming from other people  with an imaginative light sword of the creation force of all there is: in front of me, behind me, below me, above me, to my right and my left.

·      I exchange soul parts that were taken from me by other people, and I return those emotional fragments that I have taken from other people back to them. So each of us regains his/her whole emotional qualities and soul qualities.

·      I communicate the demarcation and exchange of the soul fragments authentically, respectfully and openly, but also very clearly and I ask the great creation force inside myself and the "All Love" to support me in doing so.

·      In case of a break down of my soul and emotions I ask the Creation force to support me in the soul healing process.  



My To Do List: How to generate more soul and emotional qualities: 

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How to apply soul meditation against burnout and depression

You may focus on the following soul meditation to connect with your soul and at the same time with your true emotions deep inside yourself,  without further need of judging, condemning or convicting.


"Divine soul energy inside ourselves,

please help us, that we may love you more and more.

Teach us to understand, that the only purpose of this loving is beauty.

Take us to the place, where we get to know you the way you are, 

and help us to find you, at the only place, which is large enough to contain you: 

In the heart of the human being, in the heart of your faithful servant."

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